Biomagnetic-Healing-3D-247x300    “Biomagnetic Healing with your Hands”

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Magnetic fields are everywhere. Even light is magnetic. Every human also has his own magnetic field. Disturbances in this magnetic field have a negative effect on how one feels and also has a negative effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Counteracting these symptoms by arranging the magnetic field in the body is what magnetic therapy with hands is all about and results in an improved wellbeing. Based on the oldest medicines, Biomagnetic Healing with Hands (BMH) aligns the body's magnetic field through skilled hand placements on or above the clothed body which eliminates potential blockages. As a result, unhealthy negative energy is channelled out of the body and replaced with healing, positive energy which flows from the hand placement. In addition, Magnetic Therapy can compensate for energy deficiencies and thus stimulate the body's natural self-healing process. Furthermore as magnetism acts on all levels (body, soul, spirit), a magnetic treatment regenerates on all levels. (Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

More information about Biomagnetic-Healing with Hands you will find on our australian website, managed by Edeltraud Grace, and our indonesian website, managed by Steven Susanto.
Steve Susanto, father of two autistic children, says:" a father of two autistic children, I searched here and there other approaches. This endeavor was not futile, as I found a panacea with the aid of Ms. Edeltraud Grace, an energy-based approach that proves effective in transforming my children into thinking beings. This silver lining is the Biomagnetic Healing treatment that evidently has changed the way my children think now with them beginning to be able to think in abstract terms. It is with the methods and techniques developed by Mr. Johanna Arnold. I can currently clears lots of mystery in the autism puzzle. "Read his full statement:  the-stubborn-anomaly-of-autism

Seminars about Biomagnetic-Healing with Hands are also offered via Skype.